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Kamis, 13 Desember 2012

0 Update Hot ANTI HACKSIELD + WALLHACK SUPER CLEAN GRATIS After Update Hacksield Replace Skill Bintang 2+ Burst+1 Hit Super SG (Not ALl Weapon), Damage Super, Quick Change, no Respon, Hp ++, Minimize Undetect (New tutor)+Minimize TAHAN BANTING Not to RPE!! Special ALL OS No Ribet!!! ANTI BANNED IP/BANNED PC2012

 Download WH+Anti HS+Skill:
No Password
 Download MinimizeSKill:
No Password
 Download Minimize Skill+Burst 1 hit SG:
No Password
Fitur :
  • WALLHACK+anti Hacksield+skill+Damage  :cek di menu
  •  =============================================
  • No Respon, Damage,QUick Change, Slot Replace bintang 2,Holvest ++ = HOME On|Home Off
  • Minimize PB
  • Special Buat Op Warnet/yang Ingin PB an sambil Buka FB! ALT Tab
  • APabila Pilih + Burst = Full Fitur + burst Auto ON
Tutorial :
  • Buka PB Launcher
  • Buka File yang Anda Download
  • Start PointBlank
solusi lag
- login pb dulu tanpa cit terlebih dahulu , setting performance bikin low gk ush pke efek, contoh


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