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Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

0 3.0 LostSaga Indonesia 19 Desember 2012 New Fiture And New Versi Work All Windows


[-] Pian Cheaters Joltas [Admin E999 Cheaters]

Hotkey & Fitur:
[-] Peso Hack : HOME
[-] NickName Hack : INSERT
[-] 1 Hit Crussade : Auto ON
[-] Grade Hack : DELETE
[-] Skill Hack : DELETE

Cara Pakai:
1). Buka Perx Ganti Point blank.exe Menjadi Lost Saga.exe
2). Klik Browse Cari DLL Klik Simpan
3). Login LS Hilang Coboy Pencet Notice

Sumber: E999 Cheaters Dan Joltas Cheaters

[-]Tengk's To :
[-]Pian Cheaters Joltas [ Admin E999 Cheaters ]
[-] Huda
[-]Joltas Cheaters Member
[-]E999 Cheaters Member
[-]All Web Cheaters


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